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Trafelgar Square, London

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To record individual student/peer and team evaluation


Evaluation of the team as a whole and each member of that team


Each team member shall answer the follow questions:

Individual Participation

1. How would you gauge your value to the team process on a range of 1-10? (ten being the best score)

2. Were you happy with your contribution to the team?

3. Do you feel you could have done more to help the team?

4. Do you feel your areas of strength were utilised in the team environment? - Please answer this as a sentence 

5. What do you like and what don't you like about working in a team? - Please answer this as a sentence

Team Participation

1. Do you feel everyone on your team performed to the best of their ability?

2. In your opinion were there any team members that went above and beyond what you thought was required of them?

3. Did you feel you had adequate leadership within the team?

4. Did every member of the team participate fully? eg. attend class, attend planning sessions, offer their opinion or advice?

Evalution of the course:

1. Did you feel the assessment (magazine) was appropriate for the subject (Destination Generic) - if so why? If not why?

2. Did the course help you to learn about the destination and the requirements a tourist might need?

3. Did you feel the guest speakers added value to your understanding of the destination?

4. Did you like the way the course was designed eg. some teaching, group and individual work,planning, prepping and designing a magazine and commenting on facebook?

5. Was the class and review time (4hrs per week) adequate? How many times did you meet over the 8 weeks outside of class time?

6. What changes would you suggest to the course?

  • Please answer these questions with as much detail as possible. These evaluations will give me some of the information needed to assess the contributions made by each team member. Please email your answers to me at to respect your privacy these will be kept confidential. Please submit this evaluation to me via email by Monday 13th June.

Resit Students that have not made regular contributions to the facebook page, have attended less than five meetings and/or have made inadequate contributions to the magazine will be required to re-sit( this re-sit may involve re submitting your own and others work).