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Trafelgar Square, London

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Learning Objectives 1-3


Your project is to create a 30 - page "Destination Magazine".

You and your team have been provided with the opportunity to entertain, inform and inspire travellers by producing a magazine packed with excellent features on the United Kingdom for the international traveller.

Your magazine should cover topics such as:

  • geographical features tourists should visit - rivers/canals, lakes, mountain ranges, national parks
  • climate - best time to go, what to take
  • general tourist destination information - where to find this
  • attractions and activities
  • local food and wine
  • different forms of accommodation
  • transport/travel passes and travelling times - between cities, countries
  • travelling documentation - currency, tax/vat reclaim
  • different types of transport available
  • cultural and sporting events
  • Two Feature articles

Its up to your team to make this travel magazine as exciting and innovative as you can. The aim of designing the magazine is to promote the United Kingdom as a destination worthy of visiting.

This activity is worth 80% of your assessment for this course.


Design and compile a 30-page document/on-line magazine which promotes the United Kingdom as a destination. Up-load the magazine onto your blog/facebook page.

This task will be run in conjunction with your blog/facebook/reflection activity. The task will run as a team project.

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