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Change the computer’s desktop configuration: date & time, volume settings, desktop display options (colour settings, screen pixel resolution, screen saver options). In order to carry out some of the changes to the system, you will need to know the root password.

Set date and time

1. Right click on the clock in the bottom right of the screen to display a context menu.
2. Enter the root password when prompted.
3. Adjust the date and time on the calendar and clock.
4. Click OK when done.

An alternative method is to use:
• Start Applications->Setting-> Time & Date.

Set volume level

1. Start Applications->Multimedia->Sound->KMix .
2. Adjust the volume level using the left-most slider.
3. File->Quit or click the Close icon when done.

Get information on sound card

• Start Applications->System Setting-> Sound System.

Set desktop options

The main method of changing the appearance of the desktop is through:

• Start Applications->System Setting->Look&Feel->Desktop .
(You can also right-click on the desktop and go to Configure Desktop)

Change colour settings

1. Start Applications->System Setting->Look&Feel->Appearance& Color Scheme
2. Select the colour scheme.
3. Adjust contrast, if necessary.
4. Click Apply when done.

Alternately right click on Desktop then select Configure Desktop.

Change screen saver

1. Start Applications->System Setting->Look&Feel->Screen Saver.
2. Select the screen saver and set the time before the screen saver is displayed.
Screensaver.jpeg 3. If you wish, set a password to stop screen saver. This will automatically protect your work should you leave your machine unattended for a period of time.
4. Click Apply. Then OK button.
Alternately Right click on Desktop, select Configure Desktop and then select Screen Saver from left pane.

Disable the screen saver

1. Remove the cross in the Start screen saver automatically check box.
2. Click Apply. Then OK button

Set desktop background

1. Start Applications->System Setting->Look&Feel->Desktop Background
2. Select picture from the dropdown menu
2. Configure the background as you wish it. You may also use a background wall paper.
3. Click Apply

Set screen pixel resolution

1. Start Applications->System Settings->Monitor & Display.
2. Enter the root password when prompted and click OK.
5. Adjust the screen resolution and number of colours.
6. Click Apply when done.
7. File->Quit or press Ctrl-Q.

Set, change keyboard language

The keyboard language defines the position of the various keys on the keyboard. For example, British, American and French keyboards all have different layouts. If some of the keys generate a different letter to that shown on the key itself, it could be that the keyboard language setting needs to be changed.

1. Start Applications->System Settings->Keyboard & Mouse.
2. Enter the root password when prompted and click OK.
3. Select Keyboard in the left hand pane.
4. Select the keyboard layout.
5. Click OK when done.
6. File->Quit or press Ctrl-Q.