Design learning sessions for adult education and training

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Based on NZQA 7093

People credited with this unit standard are able to: define learning outcomes of sessions; select session content; plan delivery processes; design assessment activities; and plan review.

This unit is used in the following courses

Define learning outcomes of sessions

  • Learning outcomes reflect identified learning needs of individuals, and/or client organisation/s.
  • Learning outcomes include observable and measurable statements of performance.
  • Learning outcomes are achievable within the specified timeframes.

Select session content

  • Selection and scope of content matches defined learning outcomes, level(s) of learner competency, and available time.
  • The selected content is sequentially structured to facilitate the achievement of learning outcomes.

Plan delivery processes

Range: methods, resources.

  • Planned delivery methods match learning outcomes and content.
  • Planned delivery methods accommodate the expected range of learning styles.
  • Planning includes provision for learners to practise, give and receive feedback, and reflect on their learning experience.
  • The selection and sequencing of delivery methods provide for achievement of learning outcomes and promote transfer of learning.

Range: may include but is not limited to – introduction, explanation, demonstration, practice, consolidation, delivery of information, interaction.

  • Available resources are matched with intended delivery and assessment methods.

Design assessment activities for learning sessions

Range: includes formative and may include summative assessment.

  • Planned assessment activities enable learners’ performance to be measured against learning outcomes.

Plan review

  • Review criteria are established and documented to meet stakeholder requirements.
  • Planned review considers stakeholder feedback, and provides for refinement of session design.



  • learning session is defined as a learning event that can be part of a course, but has its own internal coherence in terms of outcomes and subject matter coverage, and is sufficiently discrete to be able to stand on its own; stakeholders may include tutor/trainer, session designer, learners, provider, client organisation/s, and standards setting bodies.
  • Sufficiency for this unit standard is the design of three different learning sessions, each of at least 30 minutes in duration.
  • Learning session designs should meet stakeholder requirements and the compliance with relevant legislation.