Design Awareness Lesson Plans 2019

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Add a general statement that outlines the purpose of this unit. The statement should summarise the objectives below into a few informative sentences.

This unit is used in the following courses

  • Level 3 Landscape Construction and Amenity HorticultureLandscape construction involves the construction of both physical structures and plantings to create gardens. Amenity horticulture is the care and maintenance of plants in parks and gardens.This qualification includes a mix of theoretical learning and hands-on training using our nursery facilities, permaculture garden and Living Campus grounds. The beautiful, internationally-acclaimed Dunedin Botanic Garden is close to campus as well.Go to the Learning Activities link above to view my lesson plans.

Learning Outcomes for Design Awareness

  • Demonstrate awareness of landscape design solutions

Specific learning outcomes for Demonstrate awareness of landscape design solutions

  1. Identify principles and elements of design in landscaping
  2. Recognise site characteristics and features that influence landscape design
  3. Identify plant characteristics that influence landscape design