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=> 7 : 15 This picture shows the dormitory at the bording school. We are 5 per room and we have to get up at 7 am to have enough time to have a shower and eat breakfast but we always get up between 7 o' clock and quater past 7  :.

=> 8 am To going to the Gymnasium, we have to going down the hill but our teacher take her car.

=> 10 am

       At the break of 10 am, we can buy a chocolate croissant for 50 cent.

=> 10 : 09 am

       Our English teacher, Mrs G,  speak a lot so sometimes it's hard to understand all she said.

=> 10 : 45 am

       When we' re sick, we go to the nurse . Then she call our parents or we can going to sleep for one hour .

=> 11 : 25 am