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Multi-media Training

With the business world changing at the blink of an eye nowadays, it has now become crucial for corporations to make sure that all employees are up-to-date in their respective fields. This is usually achieved through training sessions that are either provided for by the company or are required for the employee to keep their job. But, just as the business world has changed due to technology; the computer, Internet, and other various multimedia tools have also impacted the world of training. With technology easily and readily available in this day and age, it comes as no surprise that many companies are already reaping the benefits of multimedia training. However, is this type of training flawless? Are other companies who do not provide this type of training employing less productive workers? By looking at reasons why multimedia training has become so popular and also investigating some recent trends in multimedia training, I will attempt to answer these questions. I will also look at a company’s experience that has already begun to utilize multimedia training.

It may seem that multimedia training is a flawless tool; that it is a win-win situation for the company and the employees. While this may be true to some extent, multimedia training still has its drawbacks. For one thing, nothing can ever replace a human instructor as far as feedback is concerned. Any question may be asked of a human instructor, which may not be true with different types of technology. Also, one of the benefits of multimedia training is also one of its flaws: price. Even though savings may be achieved in the long run, a company with very few employees may want to pursue other training options due to the extremely high initial cost of multimedia training software.

ay people learn how to perform their jobs. While it is apparent that computers will never entirely replace human-aided training, more and more training will begin to take place in front of a screen instead of at seminars over the next few years. There are several reasons why this is true.

There are many ways a company may benefit from the use of multimedia training: the long-term savings, the effectiveness, the fluidity, and the accessibility. Despite all of these benefits, multimedia training is not flawless. Although it seems as though this training is the way of the future, it is important for a corporation to realize that the best teachers are still human instructors. Perhaps the best answer is a mix between multimedia training and human instruction. However, the spread and rapid growth of multimedia training is a testament to its success and effectiveness.

Another benefit of computer-based training is its ability to minutely track the learning event. Since the user is interacting with a computer, the system is able to track and monitor each interaction. This can provide personnel with the information they may need to further the learning experience. It can show them what the trainee knows and does not know, what they have learned from using the media, how fast they learned the new information, and how they learned the new information. All of this information would be virtua

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