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tour buses by Max and Katja
Image supplied by Max and Katja


To be able to use tour brochures to prepare quotes for domestic and international bookings

Understanding tour brochures

  1. Familiarise yourself with the Trafalgar 2011 Europe and Britian brochure
  2. Provide answers for the following questions
  • Five benefits of travelling with Trafalgar tours
  • Four discount schemes they provide for clients
  • Name the different styles of tours they operate e.g. Train tours

Terms and Conditions

  • Your clients Mr and Mrs B Douglas would like to know amount of deposit to be paid, when it is to be paid and when the balance of payment would be due.
  • What are the details they should know if they have to cancel their booking?
  • What is not included on your tour?
  • What currency is quoted in the brochure?
  • Is there a price guarantee? If so, please provide details.


  • Susan Bills who wishes to travel to Prague has about 10 days, and wants a leisurely tour. She is able to travel in June. She does not want to share a room.
  • Terence Hill who is a train enthusiast and also wishes to see the sights of Italy. Any departure in August would suit him. He would like to share a room if possible.
  • Mr and Mrs B. Grant who wish to visit Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and would like to experience a Rhine Cruise and the TGV train. They have approximately 2 weeks of their holiday to spend in Europe and can depart in September.

Domestic New Zealand tour brochure

Using the anzcro New Zealand Book 2012 -2013 provide quotations for the following clients:

  • Mr D. Timu who wishes to visit Fox Glacier, Larnach's Castle and Milford Sound on a guided tour which includes the Tranzalpine train journey. He can depart in September 2013 and has approximately 9 days for his holiday. He will pay for a single room.
  • Stephanie Baines would like to walk to Milford Track in November - she is willing to share a bunk room
  • Provide details of deposits required and when full payment due for these bookings.
  • Provide details of Cancellation/amendment fees that will apply.

Support materials