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First Year B.Ed. Courses

ECCE 113- Introduction to E.C.D. and General Methods In this course students will be introduced to the concept of ECD. The significance in the educational starta especially in Sierra Leone and the general methods employed inECD centers

Second Year B.Ed. Courses

ECCE 111- Infant and Child Development This course will examine the holistic development of a child from conception to age 8. ECCE 112- Health,Safety and Nutrition This course will inform students on the significance of a healthy environment, safety and good nutrition/balanced diet to children especially in this critical period of their lives

Third Year B.Ed. Courses

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Fourth Year B.Ed. Courses

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Postgraduate Diploma Courses

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Masters courses

Educ.712- Human Development This course is designed to give information on the development from conception to adulthood and ageing. Educ.612- Psychology of Learning

E.C.C.E. Diploma courses

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E.C.C.E. Special Certificate Courses

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