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Module Seven Objectives

After completion of this Module, you should be able to:

  • Write a poem using "deforestation" as your central theme.
  • Evaluate and reflect on your own learning against set criteria.

Introductory Activity

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If you have Internet access, reflect on a picture that you have located and that captures your imagination. Keywords for your search could be forest, rainforest or deforestation. Otherwise, reflect upon the photograph below. As you reflect, ponder the future of these trees.

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Activity One: KWL Chart

Complete the last column of your KWL chart and reflect upon all that you have learned in this unit. Were you able to answer all of your questions? Do you have any more questions that you would like answers to? How can you locate the relevant information?


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Activity Two: Hypothesis

Do you still remember your original scenario and hypothesis? Check your hypothesis against the information in your KWL chart. How accurate was your prediction? Do you still agree with your hypothesis or have you changed your mind? Write a paragraph to justify your hypothesis. If you do not believe that the creation of more job opportunities or housing are sufficient reasons for deforestation, then what do you plan to do about it? In a small group, create an action plan to bring about a change and/or spread awareness of deforestation in your local community.

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Activity Three: Poetry

Write a poem of at least five lines long, using deforestation (or any aspect thereof that falls within the scope of this unit) as your theme. You may illustrate it with a drawing, a picture from an old magazine or a photograph. An example is provided below:


Lack of rain, lack of water
Lack of fresh air and clear blue sky
Lack of deep blue moonlight
Lack of rain, lack of water.

The birds and beasts cry aloud
Lack of cover in the deep green jungle
So cries the Prime Minister, so cries the Cabinet
So cries everyone, lack of everything.

Birds and beasts cry aloud
Whom shall we turn to? asks the Zebra
Kakapo, said Zebra, cry aloud, cry so high and see if
anyone is there up above!

Author & Photographer - Stanley Eda

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Assessment One: Rubric

Your teacher will provide you with an assessment rubric, explaining what it is. This rubric will show you how much you have learned in the unit. Think carefully about each criteria and how it applies to you. Colour the box that best describes your learning - make sure you assess yourself honestly.

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Optional Activity: Board Game

This activity could be done at home, if there is no time available at the end of the unit. Create a board game with a deforestation theme. Share your game with your peers and learners from other classes to generate awareness of deforestation. Snakes and ladders is an example of a board game.


Congratulations, you have reached the end of the unit! Invite your family, friends and members of your community to see your dioramas, posters and "I Wonder ..." display. You now have a lot of information and/or knowledge with which you can educate others.

Teacher Notes