Definition and Characterisitcs of a Project

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Project may be defined as a well designed interrelated set of activities, on which a pair or a group of students work together to solve a real-life problem.

The following characteristics help define effective project-based units:

Students are at the center of the learning process.

  1. The project focuses on important learning objectives aligned with syllabus guidelines.
  2. The project is driven by Curriculum-Framing Questions.
  3. The project involves ongoing and multiple types of assessment.
  4. The project involves connected tasks and activities that take place over a period of time.
  5. The project has real-world connections.
  6. Students demonstrate knowledge and skills through products and performances that are published, presented, or displayed.
  7. Technology supports and enhances student learning.
  8. Thinking skills are integral to project work.
  9. Varied instructional strategies support multiple learning styles.