Deep Ocean Fishes

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Introduction: In this section, let us discuss some deep ocean fishes. There is a strange world under the deep ocean. The fishes living there rarely come to the surface and so are not getting trapped in the fish nets. So far, nobody had gone into the sea also beyond a particular depth. So, the external world had not seen or heard about them. Now let us discuss some deep sea fishes. There are many varieties in them. Let us see one by one.

Cartillogeneous Fishes

Hydrolagus Alberti

Climaera Monstrosa

Elephant Shark

Bony Fishes



Stomiiformes Fishes

Messina Straits Chauliodus sloani.jpg

Chaliodus Messina

Nematostomias gladiator.jpg

                                                                                      Malaconsteus nigeri

Potri uc.jpg


                                                                                                                                                                         | [otri Fish



                                                                                      Red Fish

Gigantactis vanhoeffeni1.jpg
                                                                                  Peculiar Shape