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CIS 2 Computers and the Internet in Society SUMMER 2008 Final Projects

WikiEducator resources

Great Technologies

  • Blogger - free blog publishing
  • Wikipedia - information on virtually anything TV
  • Lingro - dictionary from one language to another TV
  • - dictionary with multiple meanings per word TV
  • CNN - keeping you up to date with news from all around the world TV
  • HowtoVideos - A website hosting thousands of how to videos from using water filters to magic tricks and fixing computers. YR
  • GooglePages - Google's simple application that allows any user with a Google account to create websites simply and effectively. YR
  • - Watch movies online for free ..TM
  • iCall - Make and receive free phones calls (VOIP) ..TM
  • truphone - Out of minutes of your iPhone? Use truphone to make voip calls over the internet ..TM
  • YouTube – a video sharing website for everyone to upload, download, view, comments, etc ..TD
  • MySpace – social networking website where people can do anything, such as make friends, write personal blogs, groups, and so forth .. TD
  • Facebook - another social networking website .. TD
  • Google Books - Huge database of books. Many you can view the entire book, make searches within the books for keywords, etc. Awesome resource. ... CF
  • Fedora 9 OS website - Fedora is a free Linux OS that is free and has some cool benefits compared to others. Check it out at ... CF
  • Yahoo Finance - Contains a lot of good information on basically any public company and has a lot of helpful tools for keeping an eye on your favorite stocks or company's performance. .. CF
  • Gas Buddy - Today gas prices are sky high. This website shows gas prices in your area so you can save a few bucks.
  • Howcast - Instead of having to read instruction manuals, watch videos, listen to podcasts, or read advice on how to do many different tasks. ..PT
  • Picnik - This website allows you to edit photos easily. ..PT
  • Backpack - Serves as my to-do lists, notes, ideas, contacts and calendar. Excellent for managing projects, for work or school, and much more efficient than most day planners. -- NB
  • BBC iPlayer - I love this site and visit it, at least, once a day for all my news and stock information. On-demand television and radio programs from the BBC. -- NB
  • Mapquest - I use this site several times a week. I recently moved into a new town and this helps me navigate through town. --AW
  • craigslist - on a budget? look for free items at You can search by state or major cities.--AW
  • Looking for movie times at your local theater or in another city? See a trailers and learn about the actor/actress. --AW
  • skype phone - you can make free internet calls and free calls to skype phone.
  • - you can watch free tv internet tv on this link.
  • - free videos and channels available on this link its like youtube
  • Apple iPhone AppStore - download free applications and games directly to your iPhone, from your iPhone! - MM
  • Google Maps (mobile version) - free web-based maps application allowing users to search for addresses by business name, get directions between location and other address/business. Uses a mixture of GPS and telemetry to locate users to within 3 meters. Use your smartphone's browser to go to - MM
  • Podcasts by iTunes - there are a ton of free Podcasts available through iTunes, most notable are those that can be used for educational purposes. I recently found a string of casts out of Stanford University's GEM (Global Entrepreneurial Marketing) program from their school of Management Science & Engineering (MS&E). The casts are of lectures from some of the most prominent business minds Silicon Valley has to offer. Who says you can't get a taste of a Stanford-level education for free? - MM
  • - this serves as a local directory where you can look up addresses to locations such as businesses and or residencies. AN
  • - yahoo maps gives precise directions to wherever you need to go AN
  • Yahoo Answers - You can find bunch of useful answers or suggestions from others’ real experience. …SC
  • Kelley Blue Book - This is a site that everyone should know. You can find the expected value of used or new cars here. …SC
  • INGDirect - A site I use for my online banking account when you receive a much higher interest rate than a typical bank. - MH
  • Fightline - Where I get my MMA fix and learn the latest news of up-coming fights. - MH
  • Digg - contains the best articles that have been voted on by the users of the site. - MH
  • Hulu - Watch the latest TV shows. Also has a good collection of movies. -AD
  • Notely - Great tool for students - provides a scheduler, homework planner, calendar, note taking utility, etc. -AD
  • Evernote - Take a text, audio or picture not. The coolest part is that it uses OCR to find text in the images. An example of practical use would be snapping a shot of a the board in a classroom or a powerpoint at a meeting. -AD
  • get up to the minute traffic information in the Bay Area by going to this link also includes trip planner. --MW
  • get bus routes and schedules for your area without having to try and figure out those large paper routes. --MW
  • don't know how to code for your websites? Easy just type in what you want here and get the code to use for your site, also has many graphics for sites like Myspace and Facebook. --MW
  • back in the old days this site did not exist, and you used to have to stand in a long line to register for classes, and it was alphabetical so for all those people at the end of the alphabet, well no guarantee on getting classes you need no matter how early you camped out. --MW
  • and/or You can find the best deals for textbooks and other books on and good deals for almost anything else on ebay! I know everyone here is familiar with expensive textbooks and I am sure is familiar with these websites too. We don't need brand new textbooks all the time. Reuse textbooks can also conserve paper as well!--CD
  • This is also another great site but, its more for local purposes. It's like an online community source website. Some of the popular uses are job searching/posting, sales/wanted, and housing. It also helps with scamming issues since it's mainly used locally.--CD
  • WebMD is a good site for finding simple cures to small illnesses. -JPC
  • This is also a good site for household tips. I got candle wax on a sweater one time and this site helped me get the wax off of it. -- JPC
  • Zamzar - - a great PDF conversion tool - --Randy Fisher 06:10, 6 August 2008 (UTC)
  • Google blog,

Google blog is a site for people searching different blogs by typing in key words - YL

Google books is another good website from Google. You can have a brief description about the book you want from it. You may sometimes be able to read some parts of the book - YL