Day in the life of a tourist/Destination New Zealand/Resources/Lesson 3

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Lesson Plan 3



Recap on accommodation - ask students the difference between a hotel/motel, backpackers/camping ground. (Maybe opportunity for story)


  • Looking at Air, Sea and Land travel in New Zealand - limited options - ask them why?

Car Rentals - remind students that this is in their assessment -

What we will cover:

  • different rental companies available - two major
  • Address of offices in NZ - Avis
  • cost of day to day rental - ask students how much for three days
  • rental inclusions: GST, unlimited kms, insurance (excess waiver), free city maps, 24hr roadside assistance, GPS system (look for some resources showing GPS use)
  • Pick up and drop off - extra for one way, fill up petrol
  • Make a reservation - prepare costs prior to class (students duplicate exercise)


What sort of trains do we have - passenger/scenic transport - what cities has passenger? (can students name any scenic ones)

  • now find others (internet)
  • see if you can find a good video on a scenic train in NZ - bring the link back to class next week

Sea Transport

  • Interislander - travels between ? and ? what is the body of water called : Bluebridge and Interisland
    • see if you can find out what the difference is between them (internet)

  • Any other crossings in NZ - between what body of water

Air Travel

  • Making a reservation