Day in the life of a tourist/Destination New Zealand/Resources/Lesson 2

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Lesson Plan


1. Go over last lesson - talk about Northland Activity then tell them to read the rest of the wiki for each region

2. Start talking about accommodation

  • different types of accommodation - Luxury - Apartments/Hotels, Resorts Motels, Lodges, B&B, Backpackers, Holiday Home rentals, camping grounds - ask students to find an example of each from anywhere in New Zealand. Try to put a price range with each. (split types up between tables)
  • Play Dunedin Tourism DVD - Dunedin as a destination
  • Go back to wiki - take them through Attractions, Events, Activities
  • ask students to complete activity (linked to Wiki)
  • Show students the Project (assessment)
  • next week looking at Air Travel, Land and sea tranport