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Unit Standard 23761; Version 1; Level 2; Credit 3 - Read and comprehend work-related documents in English for a tourism workplace - Element 1

Assessment Activity

Reading and comprehending work-related documents in English for a tourism workplace - Assessment against this unit standard must be carried out under controlled conditions. Controlled conditions means that the student is supervised during the assessment. The assessment must be word processed.


Task 1 (PC 1.1)

From the homepage in the New Zealand Trade Manual (the link is below) find the following types of accommodation and provide a physical address for each:

  • a backpackers in Wellington
  • boutique accommodation in Auckland
  • guest and hosted in Dunedin
  • serviced apartments in Wanaka
  • holiday park in Nelson

Task 2 - (PC 1.2)

Using the NZ Trade Manual 2010/2011 (hard copy) turn to page 187-189 "The Essentials"- Need to know and answer the following questions:

1. What type of climate does New Zealand enjoy?

2. What would you advise your clients (tourists) to bring in the way of clothing when they visit New Zealand?

3. Most credit and cashflow cards are part of an international network - can you name two networks?

4. What is New Zealand known all around the world as ..........?

5. What is New Zealand's geographical location?

6. Complete this sentence - New Zealand is a ...............state.

7. Provide information on the entry requirements for New Zealand.

8. Where can visitors find free and comprehensive local knowledge?

9. What documentation is required for visitors to drive in New Zealand?

10. What is New Zealand's population and how is it made up?

Task 3 - (PC 1.3)

Many technical terms and language are used in the tourism industry. Utilizing information provided in the New Zealand Trade Manual provide an explanation/definition for the following terms:

  • inbound tour operator
  • Green Globe/Green Globe 21
  • Regional Tourism organisations (RTO's)

Supporting Resources