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Te Papa Interactive

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Attractions, Activities and Events


Research and match New Zealand tourism products to domestic and international visitors


1. Phillip and Jane and their children, Andy and Connor are an Australian family on holiday in New Zealand. They have family in the West Coast they would like to visit (which makes them VFR visitors) and also want to travel to Wanaka and Queenstown. Making sure you match the family with the correct tourism product find the following for them:

  • 2 natural attractions
  • 2 constructed attractions
  • 2 activities that a family could do together
  • family accommodation in Queenstown for one week

2. Jamie and Liam are UK friends who have decided to backpack around New Zealand (FIT travellers) this May. They are keen rugby followers and would also love to try some adventure trips, and activities. They only intend to travel to Auckland and Wellington. Find the following for them:

  • 4 adventure activities
  • 2 sporting events
  • appropriate accommodation in Auckland and Wellington
  • some suggestions of where to go for a good night out in both cities

3. David works for a Wellington Sports Goods company as a salesman. He is going to Dunedin for a sales conference and is taking some personal holiday time while he is there. He is a keen golfer, mountain biker and loves New Zealand food eg. lamb, venison and wines. Find the following for him to do:

  • 2 sporting activities
  • a meal at a restaurant which serves fresh New Zelaand food and wine
  • a city tour
  • appropriate accommodation in the CBD

4. Henry and Gail Douglas are a retired couple (silver tourists) who are from Florida in the United States. They love festivals, good wine and arts and crafts and getting to know the people of the area. They want to visit the Marlborough, Nelson area for a fortnight. Find the following for them:

  • a festival for them to attend
  • appropriate accommodation
  • a tour which includes visiting the arts and crafts of the area
  • visiting some vineyards on a wine tour

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