Day in the life of a tourist/Activities/Activity Seven - Consumer Guarantees Act

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Identify and provide details of the consumer guarantees act that apply to the following scenarios


Read the following scenarios and provide details of the guarantee that has not been met and provide a satisfactory remedy.


For each of the following scenarios provide details of which guarantee has been breached and advise what would be a suitable remedy.

1. Gerald has purchased a camera at the Duty Free shop in Auckland for taking underwater photos of the coral on the Barrier Reef. Unfortunately he discovers the camera is not waterproof.

2. The Mathew family requested you reserve flights from London to Paris so the children could visit Disneyland. On arrival, they discover that Disneyland is closed for a national holiday.

3 James is surprised to find that the i-phone he unpacks from his parcel is an earlier model from the one that was demonstrated in the shop.

4 Nicola’s new sleeping bag is not of the quality required to keep her warm while trekking in Nepal.

5 Mr and Mrs Simon requested the cheapest insurance package for their travel to Fiji which they signed. Unfortunately, while in Fiji they were robbed and $1000.00 in cash was stolen. Their insurance policy only covered a loss of $200.00.

6 Sophie has had a recent knee operation but still insists on booking a tour tramping on the Milford Track. Unfortunately she has to turn back on the first day as she could not cope with the terrain on the track.

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