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Revise Skills/Knowledge/Stress/Communication

Activity - Role of a Tour Guide Unit std 23755 (60 minutes)

Icebreaker to be run by student
Communication skills
Chicken drawing (10)

Brainstorm with students –

what are communication skills; and

why are these important? (15)

Communication process powerpoint (15) - take notes - this is important


Comm skills and customer service powerpoint (20)

Communication skills (30)
Simple Instructions
Four communication types – presentation – find that.

Role play 4 communication types - tour guide, person A some one else on tour - wants to talk about changing their room as it is too noisy.

Establishing rapport – how do we do that? – brainstorm (20)
Name games – keep them right for your group
What is rapport?
How do you know when you are in rapport with someone?

Practice rapport skills.