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Fantasy Travel Brochure

Image courtesy of aol 1979


Unit Standard 24872 - Produce documents for a workplace using a computer - Element 1 (PC)1.1 - 1.5


  • Design promotional information tour brochure
  • Print a copy of the brochure (to be included in the conference pack)


This brochure will advise individual's attending the conference with delegates of tours they may attend during conference sessions. It should:

  • be relevant to and consistent with the the context and situation
  • produced in accordance with the workplace policies and procedures
  • checked for correct spelling and grammar using spell check function set to New Zealand English
  • manually checked for errors not picked up by spell check function
  • saved with an appropriate file name, in your user area in a folder "Conference documents" according to workplace policies and procedures
  • be printed - once the correct printer settings have been choosen

The brochure will include the following:

  • a choice of three different types of tours
  • tour activities, times and requirements
  • costs
  • contact details