Day in the life of a conference and events organiser/Activities/Request to Conference Co-ordinator

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Unit Standard 18212 - V2, Level 3, Credit 8 - Demonstrate knowledge of New Zealand as a tourist destination - Element 3 (PC 3.2, 4.1, 4.4, 4.7)

Unit Standard 23766 - V1, Level 3, Credit 5 - Demonstrate knowledge of the tourism industry - Element 2 (PC 2.2, 2.3)

Unit Standard 23767 - V1, Level 2, Credit 2 - Demonstrate knowledge of and use the internet in a tourism workplace - Element 2 (PC 2.1)

Unit Standard 24872 - V1, Level 3, Credit 3 - Produce documents for a workplace using a computer Element 2 (PC 2.1)


You have received an email from the secretary of the Wine Institute of New Zealand. You must reply by email to Mr Brosnan ( to acknowledge receipt of the request and to confirm that your company will facilitate the planning of the conference. Forward the email to your manager ( to confirm you are accepting this conference request.US24872 (PC2.1)

Divide into groups and decide on a name for your own conference company and elect a team manager who will allocate individual tasks.

Further information on the passenger's details or requests can be sourced by emailing Mr Brosnan.

When each student has completed their individual tasks, all information will be put together in one conference pack.

Please ensure all sources of information are put into a bibliography and information found on the internet is downloaded, printed and kept as evidence of your research. US23767 (PC2.1)



To: The conference co-ordinator – Mission Estate Winery

From: Mr James Brosnan – Secretary for the Wine Institute of New Zealand, Queenstown

Members of the above society are travelling to attend the annual conference which is being held at your winery from the 10th-14th October this year.

I understand that you have organised the programme including the speakers and will facilitate the entire on site arrangements e.g. lighting, sound, legal issues, local contractors and catering.

Several of the attendees have requested options for specific travel arrangements and accommodation details which I would like you to action on my behalf and provide all the information in a conference pack which I can take to a meeting next month.

  1. I will require flights from Queenstown to Napier and return. Please provide transfer details from Napier airport to the city.Please provide the following details:
  • airline, flight numbers, departure and arrival times
  • airport transfer from Napier airport to the city and return including name of the transfer company and taxi company providing costings for both alternatives

    2.Leslie and Kylie Johnston, from the Gibbs Vineyard Restaurant in Blenheim wish to travel by ferry and coach arriving the day prior to the first day of the conference and departing the following day. They require the following details:

  • name of coach operator, departure and arrival times from Blenheim to Picton and Wellington to Napier and return
  • name of ferry company with timings, terminal departure and arrival addresses and facilities on board the vessel e.g. food and beverage

   3.Rachel Simons will need information (cost, type) on transportation from Waiheke Island to Auckland and transfer to Auckland airport where she will fly to Napier to arrive by 6.00pm on the 9th October. She will return home before midday on the 15th October.She requires the following details:

  • name of ferry company with timings, terminal departure and arrival addresses and facilities on board for the journey Waiheke Island to Auckland
  • details of both taxi and coach transfer from Downtown Auckland to the airport advising approximate costs

   4.There is a group of delegates (approx 20) coming from the Barossa Valley Wine Society who will require information on flights from Adelaide to Napier and return.

   5.Please ensure your presentation pack includes three different accommodation categories e.g. hotel, self contained or lodge and includes two specific examples of each so they can have a choice.

For each of one (total 6) please advise the following:

  • location
  • facilities
  • services
  • grading
  • cost
  • chain/franchise affiliation

Please download and print this information from the internet.

  6.The conference participants would appreciate the following details to assist with their itinerary planning:

  • coach travelling time between both Wellington and Napier; Napier and Auckland
  • travelling time by rental car from Napier to Rotorua: Rotorua to Taupo; Taupo to Napier

Please reply( by email to advise that you are able to provide this information. US23766 (PC2.2,2.3) US18212 (PC3.2, 4.1, 4.4, 4.7)