Day 7 November 20th

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Today most groups had rcvd feedback from other groups on their first units, and so set to work to finalise their first unit. Most groups also began their second units, and were reminded to have that ready for review by other groups by WEdnesday PM / Thursday AM.

Participants by now were well aware of their role, and what they had to do. Sometimes when announcing that it was tea break or lunch time, or even asking for views and comments on how the day or week went so far...there was no response!!!! Just silence! It was like you could almost hear a pin drop! People were just so engrossed in their work, and all eyes were glued to the screen!!!

As usual, the food kept coming....if there is one country that knows about hospitality and taking care of their guests...its Samoa!!! Be warned anyone wishing to visit Samoa someday...beware! there is food everywhere!!!! So if you have no self discipline...big trouble!!!:-) Seriously though, we are being well taken care of!!! ...thank you to the COL team, NUS team, Insel team, and the rest of Samoa!!! It is like home away from home!!