Day 6 November 19th

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Our session began as usual at 9am today with Patila being today's facilitator. We continued to work in our groups to either polish up our assigned units or review others' work. While everyone was working real hard ( Sick0009.gif thinking-reading-typing-deleting-saving-uploading :-)) Patila asked Terri to remind us of some common issues that we should all be aware of while writing. He did this after lunch and pointed out some very handy writing tips. Terri also informed us of the role that he is playing in our course development. He will be looking at our units from the view of the 'non content expert' - the student. As he plays that role - he will tell us whether the stuff we are writing is pitched at the right level or whether or not students can digest the information they are getting in our units, etc. We continued with our writing and reviews till the close of the day at 5pm.