Day 2 November 13th

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Today we started @ 9am.

*Introduction of participants that just arrived - Tuvalu and Vanuatu

Today we were priveleged to have Valisi and Lapana to join the team! Valisi and Lapana joined us from Tuvalu. Lapana had also attended VUSSC 3 and he was asked to come to Samoa and board the flight only a few hours before depature time! Jim from Vanuatu also joined us today! So it was good to have more people on board because the more brains the better and quicker the work!!

*Introduction to Wiki session - Joris Komen (9:15 - 10:15am)

Joris took us through an introductory powerpoint session on the Wiki and blogs etc...For some participants it was something new, while other participants had logged on to the Wiki before to create their own accounts.

*ODL Template - Dr Carlton Watson(10:15am to 11:22am)

In this session, Carlton took the participants through the COL ID template. There were some "fiddly" bits about the template, so this session did take much longer than expected!

* Tea break

*Continuation of Dr. Watson's session (11:45 - 12:20pm)

*Copyright session - Paul West (12:20 - 1:00pm)

*Group Work (2pm - 5pm)

After lunch, participants broke up into their teams to begin writing on their respective units.