Day 11 November 26th

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It's amazing how time flies and we have almost reached the end of our stay here in beautiful Apia. Day 11 is the second last day of the bootcamp. It began as usual at 9 am and was facilitated by Patila Amosa.

All groups went straight to work finalizing their units in the morning. Most of us were working on unit summaries, self assessment tasks and assignments, others were incorporating some last minute feedback into our units. It was unfortunate that one of our most friendliest and cheerful bootcampers, Gabriel from Belize had suddenly fallen ill this morning and had been admitted to the hospital for observation. He is recovering quickly though and we know he will be better in no time.

After lunch, we continued to work on our group units and some of us attended Terri Marler's session for NUS staff. Patila announced in the afternoon that after team leaders had copied their units on to the template, she and Eileen would be putting together all our units to form a draft of our completed course. We worked on till 5 when some tired people went home and others remained for Joris session highly informative session on the wikieducator. He introduced us to more editing skills like uploading images on the wiki. The wiki session ended at about 7:30pm and the remaining bootcampers returned to Insel.

--Kminol 05:00, 28 November 2007 (CET)