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E-learning for Adults with Literacy Needs

Purpose of this wiki site/document

Collaborative Notes to support workshops on e-Learning led by Niki Davis & Jo Fletcher

Please add your notes in here too (register free with WikiEducator first), including links to tools and techniques that might be relevant for others.

You may download a copy for your own use. Also please note that this is a public document.

English language

U.S.A. Learns tutoring for ESOL language skills, including tutor sites http://www.usalearns.org/teacher/ 

DSL to develop fluency in reading http://www.adultlearning.co.nz/ako-files (ACE conference presentation)

Multiplayer games can promote ‘willingness to talk’ with ESOL students (UC e-learning lab)

Productivity tools for authentic activities

Word processor: e.g. spell check. Display personalisation font/colour
Google Docs https://docs.google.com/
Mobile phone: texting, photos etc.

Software to support learners writing a book: http://www.blurb.com (from an ACE conference participant)


Khan Academy, e.g. http://www.khanacademy.org/math/arithmetic video & practice + tutor sites

Multimedia for authentic activities

Slowmation multimedia presentations http://slowmation.uow.edu.au/cgi-bin/WebObjects/slowmation-PROD.woa/wa/galleryPage
Marhara MyPortfolio tertiary to bring the evidence together
Social Networking & Group Work
Social networking sites, e.g. FaceBook, NING, LinkedIn
Google Docs, Blog, e.g. Google Blogger
Learning Management System, e.g. Moodle

Professional Learning Development & Tutors' Community of Practice

Relevant web sites, e.g. ACE,
● Dyslexia http://www.dyslexiaaction.org.uk/;
● Literacy Aotearoa www.literacy.org.nz
● New Zealand Literacy Portal www.nzliteracyportal.org.nz
● The University of Waikato – National Centre of Literacy and Numeracy for Adults http://literacyandnumeracyforadults.com/National-Centre

Programmes in e-learning that develops knowledge and skills in context:
● University of Canterbury PgDipEd (e-learning and digital technologies)

Tests & tools for specific needs

Dyslexia and realted needs

Dyslexia Am I Dyslexic? http://www.amidyslexic.com/

With Text to Speech software the computer can:
● Read the text you have selected out loud.
● Highlight the words as it reads them to you (which can help tracking text).
● Change the background colour of the text.
● Track the text with the use of a spotlight as a reading ruler.

Useful Reading

Tertiary education and training

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Fletcher, J., Nicholas, K. and Davis, N. (2011) Supporting adults to address their literacy needs using e-learning. Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning, 15(1), 17-29. http://journals.akoaotearoa.ac.nz/index.php/JOFDL/article/view/9.

Probably more suited to higher education

Australian Universities Teaching Committee (2002). Information and Communication Technologies and Their Role in Flexible Learning. The AUTC Project on ICT-Supported Learning, Designs. http://www.learningdesigns.uow.edu.au/index.html

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