Data about Internet usage by youth in EU

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In the EU25 in 2006, 73% of persons aged 16-24 used the Internet on average at least once a week, compared with 47% for the total population. The Netherlands (96%), Denmark, Finland and Sweden (all 94%) had the highest shares of persons aged 16-24 using the Internet, while Malta (40%), Bulgaria and Greece (both 47%) had the lowest. Looking at computer skills, the share of persons aged 16-24 years reporting high skills5 was also higher than for the total population in all Member States, with an average in the EU25 in 2006 of 39% and 22% respectively. The Member States registering the largest shares of young people with high computer skills were Slovenia (65%), Luxembourg (61%), Denmark and Austria (both 58%).

The difference is less remarkable for buying on the Internet: 26% of the population aged 16-24 in the EU25 in 2006 had ordered goods or services over the Internet in the last 3 months, while the corresponding rate for the total population was 21%. Germany (48%) had the highest share of young people. (Source: EUROSTAT)