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High Holiday

Rosh Hashana

Yom Kipur


Three Wishes

The purpose of this essay is to tell about three wishes that I had. I will write about what would I wish for and why. I am regular person with regular wishes like any one.

I live in Israel, but I don't live in home or hotel. It's my biggest problem, I live in the street. My first wish is big hours with big garden. I want a lot color in my garden like green, red, pink and more. I want a big and impressive door. My second wish is love. In these days I'm alone, I don't have wife or any family, I need this very much. I want regular good wife that will love me and will take care of me. In addition, this time I don't have any money, if I would like to live in this world I will need some money, not a lot but enough.

My wishes are regular wishes. It's only what I need for live regular life. It's all I need for sure is good and happy life.

My Self

Hello, my name is Daniel Shamama, I am 17 years old. I live in Israel at Netanya. I am study in "Ort Guttman" high school, this is my last year in this school. But I am hope that I will study in the university after the army. In my free time I run at list 20 minute, its nice training. I am like to play basketball and football too, there is game that’s names "Jorkyball", it is like football in close room. In few months I will go to army, I don't know for now where I will serve but I want some thing in the Israeli air force.