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Pre-survey - When you start the DIL workshops, please take the DIL pre-survey here.

Post-survey - When you finish the DIL workshops, please take the DIL post-survey here.

Workshop One

Here are some matters discussed at our Digital Information Literacy Workshop:

  1. Social networking for the group
  2. Second Life. Its potential for educational and performance purposes is to be followed up.
  3. An approach to Action Research - a three step framework(Hegarty, 2007)
  4. Otago Information Literacy Modules (OIL) - potential to support Digital Information Literacy.

Workshop 2

Each session will be planned in a similar way, but it will be flexible and we can abandon that to follow people’s interests as it suits.

  1. Review of progress/thinking since last workshop – intentions for today.
  2. Facilitators will introduce
  • Something to think about: Digital images – Two different purposes almost totally at odds with each other – photos that document; photos to sell, create with. manipulate.
  • Something practical - optional whether you follow this through – can make requests for what you would like to cover. Today setting up FaceBook group.
  1. Working for your own purposes, individually, or with others.E.g.;Second Life addresses and links
  2. Roundup – requests for next workshop. What will you do in between?

Workshop 3

Thursday 10 July. TG6 College Of Education


Practical: Demonstration of Google Earth and its potential for use in educational contexts.

Workshop 4

Thursday 24 July. TG6 College Of Education


Practical: Podcasting and RSS feeds

Workshop 5

Thursday 7 August. TG6 College Of Education

Issue: Can they write anymore? With growing digital literacy some students in Australia are being taught to write so that they can produce legible exam scripts. Is this an issue? What are the alternatives?

Practical: Wikis and blogs. What are the options. How to set them up.


Here are some links of possible interest. These are not compulsory reading, but have a look.

  • The first link is to the online edition of the Otago Daily Times, Saturday June 14 2008. It is worthwhile reading and can contribute to our ongoing discussion of Information Literacy in a digital age.
  • Here is something interesting happening in a rural school near to Dunedin. It is a project in progress so keep going back to see what is happening. This school is moving to Open source software instead of being within the Ministry Microsoft contract. Warrington School and Article - "Going where no fact has gone before".