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Pre-survey - When you start the DIL workshops, please take the DIL pre-survey here.

Post-survey - When you finish the DIL workshops, please take the DIL MIT post-survey here.


subsequent workshops - do your own thing!
Do visit each other's blogs and leave a comment though.

5th Workshop 1 July Audio and video manipulation Continue with blogs

4th Workshop 24 June Introduction to audio manipulation Continue with blogs

Third workshop 17 June

Finish setting up blogs, begin digital audio planning

Second Workshop 10 June

Revisit goals, begin on some.

Tuesday 3 June

First Workshop Introductions and objectives. What is digital literacy, housekeeping, goals, review.

List of blogs

Lin's blog http://linsmusings.blogspot.com/
Barbara's blog http://bgarrioc.wordpress.com/
Jannie's blog http://janniemol.blogspot.com/
Maree's blog http://www.mareesjourney.wordpress.com/
Rozanne's blog http://funky25.wordpress.com/
Oonagh's blog http://mybloggon.blogspot.com/
Hemi's blog http://hemi1965.blogspot.com/
Tony's blog http://taniera.blogspot.com/
Glynis' blog http://glynisreflections.blogspot.com/
Sue's blog http://suesdilproject.wordpress.com/
Anne's blog http://anneharvey.wordpress.com/
Busby's blog http://buzzblogonspot.blogspot.com
Nanar's blog http://nzdigitaleduspot.blogspot.com/
Daves Blog http://davesnell.blogspot.com

Useful links

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