Curriculum design for open education/Major tasks/Task 1: Curation and peer feedback

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Task 1: Curation and peer feedback

We encourage you to make a start on Task 1 early in the course, in tandem with working through the learning pathways. Task 1 addresses the first and second learning outcomes for this micro course. This is what you need to do:

  1. Select six open educational resources (OER) of relevance to your learning and teaching context, and collate and comment on them for sharing with course participants using a curation tool of your choice (Find out more about ‘curation’ and potential tools (pdf).)
  2. Apply the suggested evaluation criteria, to evaluate three OER of most interest to you, in dot point form. Share your OER evaluation in a message in our Wiggio group site.
  3. Select one of these OER for integration into a specific curriculum context, and justify your choice with reference to:
    • Learners and digital literacies
    • Pedagogic approach and learning design
    • Intended learning outcomes
    • Course learning outcomes and any professional accreditation requirements
    • OER licensing and potential for reuse (max. 500 words).
  4. When ready, invite a course colleague to partner with you in reviewing each other’s curated collection, OER evaluations and justification by posting an invitation containing the links in a Wiggio message. Please use the peer feedback framework to structure the feedback you provide to your partner. You can upload this via the 'Folder' tab in our Wiggio group site, entering your partner's name as the sole recipient in the 'Participants' section.

DUE DATE: Mon 30 March, 2015