Cultural medicine for toothache

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Welcome to custom healer ! I belive and hope what i will put across to you will be of great help to your end as my contribution.Toothache has become very common in our society.With the help of cultural herbs healer which are commonly in use, it will help to reduce or eradicate the pain.

Happy reading........

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* After reading through this instructional method of toothache healing,you should be able to try it out yourself


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  • 1.Find a fruit of a VUTU tree.Not a fallen fruit but as much as possible get one from the tree.
  • 2.Cut the outter layer and remove the inner kernel.
  • 3.Scrape the kernel using a shell or small knife.
  • 4.Boil the scrape kernel with salt-water (1 litre salt water)
  • 5.Use strainer to pour the boiled salt-water in cup.


  • 1.Rinse your mouth with the boiled water.
  • 2.Repeat no 1 above until the cup is empty.


  • The above process should be done on day(1) one.
  • There should be a repetition on the above process from

Activity to Method/Application.



Provide your own on the outcome...