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We offer two paths for someone new to the CrossFit methods: Work out on your own or go to one of our growing number of licensed CrossFit affiliates worldwide. For the person who endeavors to take on CrossFit without the guidance of a certified CrossFit trainer, we recommend three distinct approaches, depending on your fitness experience and available facilities:

1) If you are largely familiar with the stable of CrossFit exercises then start with the WOD (Workout of the Day). If you've had exposure to Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and gymnastics, jump right in. If an exercise is unfamiliar, acquaint yourself with the movement through the video clip for the movement on the exercises section of the site. This option is for those athletes with an extensive experience in athletic strength and conditioning - jump right in.

2) If some or many of the exercises are unfamiliar to you and you are only modestly acquainted with elite athletic training, we recommend that you follow the WOD and substitute other exercises for those where you don't have either the equipment or skill and then devise a plan for acquisition of the necessary skills or equipment needed to participate completely. We are developing a Substitution Chart in the FAQ for replacing exercises for which you've not developed the skills or don't have the equipment.