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How to Create a Google Group By an eHow Contributor Google is now offering a viable alternative for email groups. Google Groups offer the ability to upload files and make pages as well as exchange emails. Google groups is easy to use, and it's free. Difficulty: Easy Instructions • Google account Log into your Google account. This gives you access to all of Google's applications, including Google groups. 1. 2 Select the option groups under services in the right hand column. This will take you to the Google group page. 2. 3 Choose the "Create" button. You will find it located at the top of the right-hand column. This will take you to another page. 3. 4 Fill in the form for the new Google group. Google will have you pick a name and email address exclusive to your group. Add a 300-character description and choose an access level. 4. 5 Add email addresses of those you would like to invite to join your Google group. Adding a personalized message to your invite is an option as well. There is an option to skip this step and do it later. 5. 6 Personalize your Google group. This section lets up upload files, create pages and change your settings. 6. 7 Build your Google group. Read and follow the Terms of Service. They discuss the copyright laws and sexually explicit conduct. Anyone found violating the Terms of Service, will have his or her account terminated.