Creating access controls

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   *  Select ‘Your Network’ from the menu options
   * The first thing you will see is a list of people you have made a connection to – your ‘friends’ – very shortly these friend will be able to live on different installations, which opens up many interesting doors! 


   * You can also see who has made a connection to you by selecting the sub-menu option ‘Friend of’
   * To create an access group select the sub-menu option ‘Access controls’
   * Access is controlled through the creation of ‘Access groups’
   * Give your new Access group a name and press ‘create’
   * You will see a small widget appear, the left hand side (your friends) are all the people you have made a connection to and the right-hand side (members of this group) is blank for now. 


   * To add people to your new access group just highlight their name and click ‘Add selected to group’
   * Once you have put everyone you want into this new access group click ‘Save’
   * You can create as many of these access groups as you like – they cannot be shared as they are design for the individual to control access to their content. 

Now that you have created your first access group let’s see what you can do with it!

   * If you go back to your blog area – ‘Your Blog’ menu option
   * Let’s make a new blog post – select the submenu option ‘Post a new entry’
   * Do the same as before; give the post a title, some content and a couple of keywords. 


   * This time, before we ‘Post’ the blog entry, look at the Access restriction drop down options – in there you will see your newly created access group. If you select this, only the ‘friends’ you included in your access group will be able to read the blog post.
   * This access group will now be an option on all your profile items and the files you upload.