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Creating a Creative Commons Resource to get the idea of Creative Commons across in 10 minutes or less through use of an engaging activity. Can be used by Creative Commons at events and by educators.

Should be simple and engaging, should be able to start conversations with CC Team at public outreach events. (Think of it as an elevator pitch with an activity instead of just words and flyers)

Should be low-cost.

What Needs Done

Look at pre-existing CC resources

Find an image to be remixed (CC Kiwi line art?)

Choose a platform for editing images

Should be easy for users to edit, low-entry point

Instructions for activity to be written

Host for images

What audience do we want to reach?

Physical space, at a live event

Zero to 10% Knowledge of CC

What information do we want them to leave with?

Creative Commons will allow you access to information

CC is sharable

What is the goal?

Engagement with CC Staff at event Using CC licenses in their own work

MAIN IDEA: Creative Commons will allow you access to INFORMATION!

PROBLEMS WITH CC: Creative Commons sounds like a single thing, but it’s not. It’s more like six things.

Collaborators (add your name below) Jess Weichler Keitha Booth Matt McGregor William Mckee

Digital Gamification

  • Computers set up at CC booth
  • Users remix something, digitally [git master]
  • Users get a leaflet/postcard that refers to their artwork [URL to your art]. You can tweet this out so people see and/or remix your art, you can also give the URL to people in person. Elizabeth likes people having a take-away. (token features artwork that corresponds to the base artwork)
  • Check in at the end of the day to see how your art has been shared and adapted
  • License it in a way that you chose.
  • New people can choose to edit the base image from scratch, or edit someone else’s.
  • Give it a title, tweet out w/ correct attribution
  • Do it locally Seth suggests MyPaint

What about using drag and drop text? Make a story collaboratively. Online books. Adding characters to the story.

We’re going to make a children’s book this event. Write a page or illustrate a page that has already been made.


  • Awards:
  * BY: person who has shared the most (frequent-buyer style cards you get “stamped” when you share)
  * SA: person with most remixes
  * ND: person who shares but disallows remixes
  * NC: everyone here wins; we’re non commercial event!
  * 0: the artwork with no attribution

  • Tech: sparkleshare for instant publishing and online sharing
  • GIMP photo manipulation / MyPaint for painting


Supplies Laptop

source: googledoc