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Photo by Bogdan Suditu

There are many different types of blogs. Photo blogs, video blogs, audio blogs, mobile blogs.. the list goes on. And then each of those types of blogs have different specialities, like a builder's blog, a lawyer's blog, a teacher's blog, a recipe blog, a news blog, etc etc.


1. Use blog searching techniques (and the good old Wikipedia) to find one example of as many different types of blogs as you can. At least find one Photo blog, video blog, audio blog, mobile blog.

2. Then go one step further and find a specialist blog for each blog type. For example: A photo blog that specialises in horses - This link is to a photo group... do you think it rates as a blog? See if you can find a better example of a type of blog that specialises in a particular something...

3. Can you find a most unusual type and specialist blog? Don't look too hard - keep it clean and safe ;)