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Creating a unique and memorable username, with an equally memorable password is a very important first step and is worth spending a little time preparing for. It can be very frustrating if you successfully set up an account and then forget your username or password to get back in! Equally frustrating is when you are trying to set up an account and you keep getting rejected because your username is already taken, or your password is not strong enough.


  1. Think of 3 unique usernames and passwords for them


  1. Write down your first and last name as one word and all in lower case. If your first and last names are common, include your middle name. This will be your first option for a username
  2. Write down a nick name or invent a username you will be able to remember. Again, make it one word in lower case. If you use more than one word, link the words with a hyphen (-) or an underscore (_). This will be your second optional username.
  3. Finally, write down your first and second options for usernames and then add the year of your birth at the ends, or other memorable short number. This will be your third option for a user name if all else fails.
  4. Finally, invent a password that you will be able to remember and that is strong and secure. A secure password includes at least some letters and numbers. Suggestions include your phone number followed by your initials, your date of birth followed by your street name, your house number followed by your middle name.
  5. Keep your usernames and passwords secure. When you have successfully created an account with one of them AND are sure you have remembered them and they work, destroy your notes so no one finds your usernames and passwords.

NOTE: Some people strongly advise AGAINST using real words and personal information in a password. The advice here is to help people set up a blog with a minimum of fuss and is not intended as advice for usernames and passwords generally. Once you are comfortable with blogging and managing all its settings and features, consider changing your password to something more secure and resetting your blog to that password.


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