Counselling for Caregivers

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Counselling for Caregivers is a set of self-instructional learning materials that provides caregivers with the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to effectively support the healthy development of children and youth in their care. While it is written in the cultural context of Africa, the module can be used by caregivers anywhere in the world.

Unit 1: Introduction to Counselling for Caregivers

Unit 2: Ethical and Cultural Issues in Counselling

Unit 3: Behavioural Counselling

Unit 4: Dealing with Child Abuse Issues

Unit 5: Dealing with Substance Abuse

Unit 6: Counselling Those Infected and/or Affected by HIV/AIDS

Unit 7: Grief Counselling

Unit 8: Career and Vocational Guidance

Unit 9: Coping with Stress

The whole module including all units above is available to download and you can also view the course materials on the Commonwealth of Learning's website.