Cost and Financing in Open Schools/Unit 9 - Exercises 9.2 and 9.4

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Exercises 9.2 and 9.4

In this case study, delivering the Certificate in Cost Accounting programme through paper-based distance education is considerably more efficient than through traditional, face-to-face classes. As discussed in Unit 2, in most cases where sufficient students register for a particular programme and variable costs are controlled, the average cost per student will be lower for ODL systems than for conventional education. This is a key difference in the cost structure between the two modes of delivery.

Programme Delivery Mode Total Student Enrolments Total Graduates Success Rate (percent) Total Costs (Cdn.$) Average Costs per Student (Cdn.$) Average Cost per Graduate (Cdn.$)
Cert in Cost Accounting ODL 131 43 32.8% 34,977 267 813
Cert in Cost Accounting Conventional 954 886 92.9% 712,433 747 804
Programme as a Whole Combined 1,085 929 85.6% 747,410 689 805
Efficiency Ratio 0.36
Cost-Effectiveness Ratio 1.01