Cost and Financing in Open Schooling/Full-Time Equivalent Students: establishing a basis of comparison with conventional education/Provision of Courses/Exercise 8.1 DOS JS Certificate Course 2005

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Tutorial.png Unit 8 

Introduction |Full-Time Equivalency | Provision of Courses | Preparation for Examinations | Examination Performance | Systems Approach | Summary

Table 8a - DOS Junior Secondary Certificate Course, 2005

Table 8a - Dublin Open School
Full-Time Equivalent Student Numbers
Junior Secondary Certificate Course, 2005
Type of FTE Measure Statistics used Factor/Divisor FTE Students
Provision of Courses Subject Enrolments 27 639
Preparation for Examinations Examination Subject Entries 8.67 1,726
Examination Performance Examination Subject Passes 6 1,998
Systems Approach SEs and ESPs 2.53 4,736
Total Student Numbers Student Head Count 1 6,637