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30 Second Infomercial Checklist for an Interview

Interviews can be daunting especially when you do not know how to approach employers - the key is to be prepared. Here are some recommendations. When you meet a representative at a career fair you should greet them with a firm handshake and a smile. You should begin with a 30 second introductory script that you have prepared and practiced ahead of time.

Here is a sample format you can follow:

• My name is Cornelia Radulescu and I recently graduated from triOS College with a diploma in Accounting and Payroll Administration. Please consider my application for a position of Accounting Generalist, available within your organization, posted in which coincides with background in accounting combined with excellent customer service skills. With the 16 years of experience working in Accounts Receivable department and knowledge earned at trios College I believe I will be an asset for your company.I am proficient in Simply Accounting, Quickbooks, Accpac and Yardi Voyager

• 10 seconds: Knowledge of the company

Do your research before the interview so you are knowledgeable about the company. This will also ensure that after your introduction you can ask the employer a captivating question, e.g.. Can you tell me more about the new product you are developing? Or can you give me more details about your management training program? This will allow you to engage the employer in conversation.

Sample Script Hello. My name is Barbara Moore and I am a graduate of triOS College, Hamilton Campus,with a diploma in Accounting and Payroll. I noticed on your website that you have openings for XXX and I am interested in a position in this capacity. Last summer I had an internship with XXX where I was able to participate in XXX. The most interesting project that I worked on was about XXX. I have been following your company’s progress in Toronto and have read various pieces about it in The Spectator and The Toronto Star. Could you tell me more about the proposed expansion to Hamilton the new training program you are offering to new employees? More info to come