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Strategies for supporting inquiries

  • Quality learning circles
    • Heterogeneous: members from different learning areas,
    • Homogeneous: members sharing the same learning or interest area.

Strategies for sharing inquiries

  • Speed dating. Take 30 seconds to tell a partner about your inquiry then listen to theirs. Chnge partners.
  • Unconference. Find several spaces and allocate 20 inute slots. Anyone wanting to share what they did writes their topic on a sticky note and puts it up on the grid. Anyone interested in listening or contributing turns up at the right place at the right time.
  • Ignite Talks. 5 minute talks: 20 lides; 15 seconds per slide on auto-advance
  • Wine and Cheese Evenings. Instead of afternoon staff meeting, put on drinks and nibbles to allow people to share what they've been working on. Set some prompt questions.
  • Google Docs. A shared (internal) document outlining peoples': data, inquiry question, coaches, research readings etc.