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Open Access: What is Science Commons?

The primacy of authors in achieving Open Access

Open Access Online Library with copyright information : Legal Database (US laws) -

Open Access Online Library with copyright information :

Project Gutenberg -

"EnhanceTV is a free website and email service in Australia, which gives educators access to information on more than 20,000 film, TV and radio titles. In addition, teachers can download hundreds of free articles, study guides and other resources."

Open Access : British Broadcasting Corporation Becky Hogge - The Guardian Monday September 20, 2004,3858,5019620-105337,00.html

Parliamentarians call for greater access to information : (Commonwealth News and Information (CNIS) Service Issue 192, 14.7.2004)

Internet Archive (digital library of films, texts, audio material, open source books, etc.)

Open Access : Software : Open Source Open Source-Opens Learning: Why open source makes sense for education

Open Directory Project

(Mis)leading Open Access Myths

Library and Advocacy Organizations Praise Call for Free Access to Science

Costs and business models in scientific research publishing (report commissioned by the Wellcome Trust)

'Open access can cut costs by up to 30 per cent' (by Katie Mantell, 30 April 2004. Source: SciDev.Net )- The primacy of authors in achieving Open Access

The best business model for scholarly journals: an economist's perspective

Prof. Willinsky's Open Access Initiative at

Project Romeo (under 'Links', there are many more) - newsletter at

African Digital Library Centre Open Society Institute - OSI - Intellectual Property -

Electronic Frontier Foundation (Defending Freedom in the Digital World)

Digital Academic Repositories

Bioline International


Towards the ideal: steps to improve access (V. Owen)