Endangerment Sites

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Salvo describes endangerment sites as “areas of the body that contain superficial, delicate structures that are relatively unprotected and therefore prone to injury” (2003)

“Endangered” structures may include

  • Nerves
  • Blood vessels
  • Bony projections
  • Organs/glands
  • Joint capsule

Refer to your textbooks to gain a greater appreciation of where these sites exist.

  • Mosby (2004) - p. 192-193
  • Salvo (2007) - p. 97-99

As a relaxation massage practitioner, you need to be aware that these sites exist, and that deeper pressure over these areas can cause damage to the client. Later in your training once you have developed your anatomical knowledge and palpatory skill you will explore palpation and treatment of muscles in and around these areas.