Conservation strategies for conservation of biodiversity of rivers:The outputs and outcomes

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The assessment of the selected rivers in determining the strategies for the conservation of their biodiversity would result in the provision of information on the of the river resources. The assessment would cover the physio-chemical quality of the rivers. It would also provide information on the biological organisms such as plankton, fishes ans benthus. The assessment would also cover the impact of the environmental variables of the flora and fauna of the rivers.

Based on the objectives, the assessment would be followed by a work plan for the restoration of the rivers and their utilization for economic and social activities.


When the plans are executed effectively the outcome would contribute to providing a solution to sanitation problems. The project would also increase the production and use of biogas. Harvesting of fish would be enhanced and that would result in better economic activities for especially women who trade in fish. It would indirectly improve protein source for the nation. The youth would have recreational activities such as swimming and relaxation at the resource.