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Conference and Events – Timetable – Diploma in Travel and Tourism (Level 5)
Semester two;

Tuesday 3rd May

Intro course outline
MICE Industry/PCO's/SWOT on Conferences in Dunedin

Thursday 5th May

Leadership/Team and group work/Branding

Tuesday 10th May

Meetings/agendas/planning/Creating your event

Planning your event/theme/advertising/menu/pricing/ set up facebook page

Thursday 12th May

Stakeholders/Posters/budget for decorations/target market/Branding assignment handed in Vote for the company brand

Tuesday 17th May

Phil Osborne - Sponsorship

Thursday 19th May Cultural Tourism

Tuesday 24th May

Catering for event

Thursday 26th May Marketing/Venues

Tuesday 31st May

Functions/floor plans

Thursday 2nd June

Conference planning/meetings/write up

Tuesday 7th June

Event planning/meetings/write up

Thursday 9th June Learner managed

Event planning 

Tuesday 14th June Preparation and delegation of tasks

Friday 17th June Event??

Tuesday 21st June Presentation of portfolio's to client

Thursday 23rd June Resits