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Branding - Marking Guide


This is Assessment One

Student name: --------------------------------


After five years working at a hotel specialising in conferencing, you have decided to branch out on your own and open your own business as a Conference/Event planner.

Much of the hard work has been done, your business plan was accepted by your bank and you have all the finance you need to get started. But before you can start accepting clients you have a few things that must be completed. The first is to decide on a name and brand for your new business.

Assessment Task

Your task was to create a brand for your company

Were the following successfully completed:

  • A mission statement

  • Description of what was being branded

  • Description of target market

Did the student:

  • Create a logo

  • Design corporate stationery (letterhead and business card all forms described in assessment) using the logo and brand

Was the assessment handed in in a professional manner

  • Correctly named, labelled with name of assessment

  • Fully referenced

  • Handed in on due date