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Diploma in Applied Travel and Tourism

Course Name: Conference and Events

Course Code: TT5

Lesson Plan

Aim: Client liaison

Lecture Delivery Plan:

1. Finish Venue section - set them activity

2. Sponsorship - Look at the Rugby World Cup (who are the official sponsors)

Two catergories: Worldwide partners and official sponsors and Official Tournament Supplier - Coca Cola,

The announcement of Coca-Cola as an Official Supplier adds to the multi-national flavour of commercial partners for Rugby’s showcase tournament. Coca-Cola follows Emirates Airline, MasterCard, Heineken, ANZ and DHL as Rugby World Cup 2011 Worldwide Partners, Brancott Estate and Toshiba and Landrover as Official Sponsors, Licensing in Motion and RTH as Master Licencees, Canterbury as Official Sportswear Supplier, Gilbert Rugby as the Official Ball Supplier, Russell McVeagh as Official Law Firm and KPMG as Official Tournament Supplier of accounting and tax advisory services.

3. Video - Landrover second tier sponsor for 2011 and first tier world partner for 2015 in UK.

4. Ask students to write a paragraph about one of the Worldwide Partners - naming other events they may sponsor.

See if you can find some other tourism events which have sponsors

5. Trendz Sponsors

Supporting Resources

Glossary of Terms

Sponsorship in kind is the provision of discounted or free goods or services. If such items are made available at less than cost, the difference should be treated as a sponsorship payment (provided the business receives appropriate benefits) and the tax implications are as for sponsorship.

Donation is money (or goods or services) from an individual or business for which no commercial return is sought. There is no VAT charged.

Patronage, like donation, is money from an individual or business for which no commercial return is sought. It is tax-free and can be done by Gift Aid or Deed of Covenant.

Corporate membership is a scheme whereby a business pays an annual sum to an arts organisation in return for various services over the course of a year. It is not considered sponsorship and may be regarded by the Inland Revenue as entertainment and therefore disallowed for tax purposes.

Development is a general term for the act of attracting revenue through fundraising and sponsorship.

Support is a generic term that can be used to cover any positive relationship between a business and an arts organisation

Subsidy is money from bodies with a duty to support the arts financially. For example, the Regional Arts Councils, the Museums and Galleries Commission, the British Film Institute.

Earned income is money an arts organisation earns through ticket sales, programmes, sales of work etc. It includes retailing, merchandising, proceeds from room hire and corporate memberships.