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Diploma in Applied Travel and Tourism

Course Name: Conference and Events

Course Code: TT5

Lesson Plan

Aim: Introduction and over-view of course

Lecture Delivery Plan:

Helen introduces herself

1. Icebreakers - Adjective game (Hilarious Helen)

  • Talk and Inspirational movie

2. Wiki/blog Course Guide (assessment)

3. Go through wiki entry - intro to MICE Industry (expand) - questions on board

4. SWOT analysis - Dunedin (on whiteboard)/ refer to the wiki. SWOT activity - go through the SWOT on board with Dunedin as destination then complete activity on wiki (do in two groups) - go through each group (ask them to write up on board for class)

  • Swot activity (start/complete for Thursday)

Wiki - Business Tools - SWOT (look to Wiki) go through links

  • rapid growth and development of the industry - pressure on stakeholders (ask students who they are) destination, clients, conference goers, organisers
  • coordination of activities - successful delivery of product
  • quality of service - coordination vital to quality - especially relevant in rural areas where *quality of venues and infrastructure may be limited
  • strategic collaboration - working together - venues not competing against each other but collaborating and being part of a group or consortium which bids for a job
  • cooperation between industry and government agencies - required for development both nationally and internationally - training, marketing and planning eg. TNZ and RTO supportive of conference industry in NZ
  • data, information and technology - clarification of terminalogy - conference/convention - work together for colleciton of data to assist with development of industry - locally and nationally.

5. KingFisher Lodge Case study (handout) - in two groups - u-tube clip

Supporting Resources